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Here at Rockwood, we pride ourselves in the tremendous quality of the interior aircraft components that we supply. Working closely with a variety of airlines and aircraft manufacturers, we help to refine designs, select optimal materials to achieve specifications and develop an individual production process tailored to the specific requirements of the component.

For an in depth look at Rockwood's aircraft interiors see our published work in Aircraft Interiors International here 

The folding carbon fibre tray table (below left) and the phenolic privacy screen to the (below right) both utilised a dual, compression and bladder moulding production process. This enables them to have a complex internal structure, manufactured in a single piece rather than the traditional approach where multiple pieces are created within an autoclave which must then be bonded together. These parts, typical of the ones we create would be inconceivable within an autoclave but are perfectly suited to our production processes. 

Aircraft Interiors

Single piece constructed components have multiple benefits over autoclaved parts. Not only is the production process quicker as the part does not have to be bonded together after the curing process thereby reducing the need for additional finishing work, but this lack of a bond line facilitates additional strength when it would otherwise have been a structural bond joint.  With fewer bonds in the component, less time in quality control is required to validate them, so not only can parts be created which would be impossible within an autoclave, but they can be created more efficiently and with better results.

When you fly business class, you expect the height of luxury. Flawless quality and ultimate comfort are merely the beginning. When the situation demands it, we are capable of delivering components coated in a variety of materials, from functional, hard wearing protective layers to gorgeous gold leaf. A huge range of high quality finishes is possible.

These examples of our coated composite furnishings will certainly make an impression on a traveller. the sliding screen doors to a private business class suite are coated for durability and, as with all of our bladder mouldings, remain impressively lightweight.

Light fixtures, luggage racks pieces and the furnishings of business class suites, meticulously coated in gold leaf and in the case of the light fixture to the bottom right, white gold too.

If you have a requirement for aircraft interior component in composite with the highest quality aesthetic finish, please contact us to discuss how we can deliver them.

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