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Automotive components

Ferocious functionality meets breath taking beauty. Our automotive components are not only designed to supersede stock parts but to reinforce the wow factor that a supercar is deserving of. We have worked on a variety of components from luxury production models to ludicrous  F1 machines. Here are a few of these different areas and how they can be applied to your components.

This engine cover for the Mclaren MP4-12C and 650s was designed specifically to endure the immense heat generated by its powerful engine without degradation. Utilising an advanced high temperature resin system, this carbon fibre cover not only looks superb but will happily take the abuse of the hardest of track days.

This carbon fibre box was designed and created to enclose the kenetic energy recovery system within an F1 car. This KERS box was constructed using a specially selected high temperature resin system within the pre-preg that enables the cured composite to withstand exceptionally high temperatures without degradation where other composites would be damaged.

Motorbike helmet showcasing compression moulding production technique

This steering wheel was created as an exact replica of existing F1 wheels so that fans could purchase a setup of exactly what the Ferrari team was using that year. This picture shows the moulding, fresh out of the tool before machining where numerous button holes  are added. This part like many of the components created by Rockwood utilises a dual compression and bladder moulding technique which enables us to create complex single piece moulding with highly controlled surfaces.

fuel filler.jpg

This smaller carbon fibre piece is the fuel filler cap for a certain luxury sports sedan. The production process has been optimised for mass production unlike the majority of other composite components which are generally produced in smaller batches. This fuel filler cap has a simplified layup and quick cure cycle for a quicker turnaround of the part and a more efficient use of the mould tools.

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