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Camera Components

Rockwood has manufactures a variety of camera equipment​ including housing enclosures, stabilisation platforms and mounting assemblies. When you need you camera to be both durable and light, composites are the solution.

This enclosure is designed to hold a 35mm camera and keep it protected during the filming of action sequences. This single piece compression moulding went on to help with the filming of the Thames chase scene in the 007 movie, "The World is Not Enough", among others.

These cricket stumps, has a camera built into the shaft of the stump itself so that footage can be taken of the moment when the ball strikes. 

This camera platform is none of several similar designs that have been manufactured by Rockwood for different cameras and sensor packages. This bladder moulding showcases the "Design for Manufacture"  approach for which we are renowned in our production processes. After this part had finished its cure cycle in the press, it was removed from its modular assembly tooling where it emerged in much the same state as it is seen above. We design our processes from the outset to minimise the labour and time needed when finishing parts so that costs are reduced, further improving the competitiveness of our pricing.

Here we see another sensor platform at a later stage in the production process showcasing the same bladder moulding technique, now with a larger components. This platform has undergone coating as per its specifications and has been assembled with other composite components to create the finished sensor package ready for quality control and shipping. See the defence section for additional information about camera systems for the defence industry.

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