Here you can to see a selection of current and former projects undertaken by Rockwood Composites. We have developed parts going into a wide range of industries, giving us the experience and confidence to deliver composite components to meet any customer's specifications.

We have also built a substantial background and expertise on cryogenic composites structures. Ranging from suspension bands through to high voltage, high stress insulation systems.

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Aircraft interiors

Aircraft cabin components
Aircraft meal tables
Aircraft seating components
Decorative electro plated composites

Engine air intakes
Aerodynamic stabilising fins
Aircraft camera racks
Cockpit display enclosures
EMC aircraft enclosure
Fan intakes
Head up display (HUD) enclosure
Missile seeker head components
Para-glider propellers
Ultra-light aircraft propellers
Automotive bodywork
Steering wheels
Electronics enclosure
Camera equipment

35mm movie camera housing
Cricket stumps and helmet cameras
Film magazines
Helmet mounted HUD
Racing car camera equipment

Cryogenic struts
Cryogenic support enclosure
Cryogenic suspension bands
Fusion suspension systems
High voltage insulation
Polyimide encapsulation
Superconducting switches
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Missile radomes
Ballistic military helmets
Bomb fuse encapsulation
EMC shielded composite enclosures
Military aircraft wing tip structure
Military surveillance camera yokes
Surface to air missile launch pods
Torsion and cantilever springs
UAV airframe components
Launch tubes


Confectionery scraper beams
Cyclone filtration enclosure
Designer stair case
Down well instrument enclosures
High speed canning equipment
High speed ultrasonic cutting beams
Nuclear filtration plant
Paper roller cutters
Railway fatigue tolerance structures
Robotic arms
Thermoplastic composite (PEEK) bearings

Pulley block side cheeks
Racing yacht rope jammers
Racing yacht steering gear components
Radar platforms
Winch handles and rope capstans
Yacht rudders
Yachting wind anemometer booms
Emergency 'evac' spinal board
Portable ultra sound scanner enclosures
Sports & medical knee braces
Surgical bracing structures

Coordinate measuring machine probes
Coordinate measuring machine 'Z' Columns
Metrology crank arms


Light aircraft

VTOL drones

Quadcopter / multirotor

High altitude drones


Archery bows
Bicycle gear levers
Bicycle handlebars and bar ends
Hockey sticks
Horse trotting sulky
Knee braces
Motorbike Snell 2005 helmets
Racing car steering wheels

Sports bike wheels
Ski poles


Visit our consumer product brand ZEEK for more information about our carbon fibre ski poles