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Medical Components

Here you will find a selection of components that we have developed for the medical sector. 

These two models of knee brace fulfil different roles to protect and aid the recovery of the joint but share two things in come that set them apart thanks to their carbon fibre construction, they are both exceptionally light and tremendously strong. Designed to ease the weight on the knee to help with healing and prevent further damage, when worn these knee braces are truly something to behold.

This  medics spinal board is for the quick and easy evacuation of wounded personnel. It is designed to fold up and fit within the medics backpack and can be quickly unfolded to carry a patient from an inaccessible area whilst preventing additional potential damage to the spine during transport. 

This head rest is located within an MRI machine to help stabilise the head of the patient for imaging, due to the magnetic forces within the machine, carbon fibre is the preferred choice. Rockwood has extensive experience constructing components for MRI machines, for more information about our suspension systems visit the cryogenics section.

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