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Nautical components

The nautical world has for a long time utilised composites, being one of the first industries to experiment with fibre glass. In modern times this experimentation has turned into the industry standard where the latest and greatest of modern materials are used to tremendous affect. Here are some examples of what Rockwood has been doing in this industry.

Developed for a wavepiercing fast attack craft, this trim tab would be affixed in tandem on the stern of the craft, keeping it level in the water as it slices through the waves. Designed to endure the harshest conditions, these tabs are heavy duty whilst also being light enough for the craft to be deployed via helicopter.

What do you fit to the helm of your racing yacht, a super light aerodynamic wheel of course.

This is one half of a rope jammer cleat, when weight is at a premium, carbon fibre would be our first choice.

Carbon fibre boat handles, levers and general accessories.

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