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With the continually increasing demand for ever lighter and stronger sports equipment, Rockwood has helped to develop some truly ground breaking bits of kit. Here are some of our own products in addition to some of the sporting goods we have helped develop.

Sports Equipment

These ski poles are our own personal design that we have developed into what we believe is THE best poles available on the market. Immensely strong and durable whilst remaining staggeringly light, these truly are a skier's best friend. Designed with an aerodynamic profile which tapers towards the tip for effortless swing weight combined with the perfect balance of flexibility and stiffness, they feel like no other. We have made these poles fully customisable in appearance and feel, making them available through our sporting goods brand, ZEEK at

Road bike gear levers

This Horse Sulky utilises a large number of composite components, built to be extremely light whilst remaining exceptionally strong for a hard life of racing. Horse supplied separately.

Here we have the handle of an ice pick that we have manufactured utilising bladder moulding techniques, ready for the pick to be attached. Lightweight carbon fibre handle bonded to metal sleeve, designed for those who want the very best in strong and portable kit.

This is the ZEEK Z1.0, our very own ultra high performance ice hockey stick, refined in all conceivable regards, this stick is like no other and represents the pinnacle of exclusivity and performance on the ice. Single piece carbon fibre construction, reinforced blade, ultra low kick point and feather light, this stick is a tailor made masterpiece.

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