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Published by: Aro PR and Marketing 

Rockwood Composites announced today (8 October 2018) that it has increased its manufacturing capacity by 50%, mostly for large aircraft components. The company has invested in a third large press which will enable it to produce more components up to a size of 2m by 1m, including aircraft interior door panels.

The presses are used to produce complex composite components incorporating multiple elements and complicated geometries. The press moulding process enables faster cycle times and produces high quality components which require a minimum of finishing. Rockwood now has three large presses and four small ones fully operational.
The presses use pressure and heat to cure composites material for a wide range of industries including aerospace, defence, automotive, nuclear energy and medical technology.

Mark Crouchen, Managing Director of Rockwood Composites, said: “The composites industry, especially the aerospace sector, is experiencing rapid growth, and we are seeing this with more enquiries and more orders.

“This new press is increasing our manufacturing capacity for larger components by 50% and we are looking forward to continuing to supply our customers with bespoke, prototype and volume composite components using both compression and bladder moulding.”
Rockwood Composites is currently negotiating a substantial contract for aircraft interior components.

The press was fabricated and built by Alderman Tooling in Plymouth and is the second of its kind that Aldermans has supplied to Rockwood. Aldermans provides bespoke metal fabrication services to businesses across the South West, from large units such as the press for Rockwood, to mass production of laser cut, turned, folded and punched metal parts.

Mark Crouchen
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