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Built on a long history of composite manufacturing achievements, we provide customers with bespoke processing and materials options to achieve cost effective solutions to technically demanding problems. The team at Rockwood has been supplying aerospace, defence and nuclear industries for over 25 years with a proven track record of delivering complex structures.
Specialising in compression and bladder moulding of pre-preg composite material in metal tooling, we have taken component manufacture to the next level. The processes allow an extraordinary variety of parts to be made with levels of complexity that other methods would find hard to match.
Our approach starts with a fundamental review of customer requirements, followed by design for manufacture to allow for process optimisation.  Should any processing solutions be inappropriate, we will advise accordingly and happily suggest alternative options.
The diversity of experience by the range of industries we serve gives us a unique insight into customer requirements and manufacturing options.
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Our Story
What differentiates Rockwood Composites?

Our broad based in-house engineering capability to provide innovative products and product manufacturing solutions.

Manufacturing processes and expertise that are not frequently found in the UK composites industry.

Short lead times from concept to hardware, through in-house tool design, manufacture and development.

Rapid problem solving and customer support backed by EN 9100:2018 manufacturing systems.

We have a proven track record of producing high quality products and the ability to deliver components on time.

We are happy to discuss and support design engineers in the selection of appropriate component materials, tooling and production systems.

Rockwood utilizes the support of Caddology which deliver a full range of professional Solid Modelling, CAD and Engineering Design Services.


DFM "Design for Manufacture" is key in minimising tooling cost, maximising quality and reducing component cost and lead time. Please call to discuss.


 Some of our Clients

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