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Rockwood Composites today (21 October 2019) announced that it had delivered its 2,500th part to Roxel, Europe’s leading manufacturer of tactical propulsion systems. This marks the half-way point of a contract which ends in May 2021 and the company will continue to provide parts at a rate of around 120 per month.

The suite of parts includes covers and screens for air to air and air to ground missile systems. The complex features and overall thickness need to be tightly controlled All the parts are made from a high temperature glass-epoxy pre-preg. Rockwood’s matched-metal compression moulding technique is ideally suited to these parts, providing precision high volume mouldings.

All parts are fully CNC machined and supplied paint ready on a just in time basis

Commenting on the partnership, Laura Woodcock of Roxel UK said: “Rockwood are consistently reliable, they produce the parts efficiently and deliver them on time and within budget – they did exactly what they said they’d do. It’s great working with them.”

Rockwood Composites Managing Director, Mark Crouchen, added: “As specialists in compression and bladder moulding, we have taken component manufacture to the next level. These processes allow an extraordinary variety of parts to be made with levels of complexity that other methods would find hard to match. The partnership with Roxel has enabled us to apply this technology consistently over years.”

​Rockwood designs and manufactures composite components using out-of-autoclave techniques compression and bladder moulding of pre-preg composite material in metal tooling. They deliver cost effective solutions to technically demanding problems, showcasing first class quality components, promptly delivered into a wide range of sectors.

The team at Rockwood has been supplying aerospace, defence and nuclear industries for over 25 years with a proven track record of delivering complex structures.

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