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Here we have a selection of the components that we have supplied into the defence industry. From cruise missile parts to optical platforms, we have amassed a wealth of experience from the wide variety of defence components we've produced and can readily transfer this expertise to your next project.

Defence Components

Here we have a cruise missile wing that we have helped to develop for MBDA. For our work developing this wing they saw fit to award us with  the level 1 and level 2 innovation awards to recognise our invaluable contribution to the project. The wing itself is compression moulded and showcases exceptional improvements over traditional

Here we have a selection of carbon fibre springs, the left hand photo shows the component that enables the artificial feel for the fly by wire control joystick within the Chinook helicopter

This optical sensor platform consists of a number of different composite components that we produce through a bladder moulding process. They go on to be finished and assembled into the cutting edge piece of equipment that you see before you.

This helmet section has been designed to incorporate a heads up display unit, enabling the wearer to be fed a wealth of information, vital to the modern battlefield. Construction of this piece utilises a carbon fibre kevlar construction.

Missile nose cones


Equipment platforms

With the Experience and proficiency that Rockwood brings to bare, we can realize the most complex composite components necessitated within the defence industry. Get in touch to arrange a sit down to start bringing your components to life. 

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