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Rockwood has designed and manufactured propellers that have been produced for a range of different aircraft. From large high altitude drones, to recreational aircraft to little quadcopters, we are proud to be able to cater to any requirements.

This propeller which has been designed and has flown on high altitude drones has a staggeringly low weight of around 200g per propeller whilst retaining superb stiffness characteristics necessitated by it's operation. Compression moulded pre-preg around a CNC cut foam core. 
Here we have one of our own in house designs that we have produced for light aircraft. To the right shows this propellers during their extensive testing period where they were fitted to trial aircraft to amass flight time, qualifying them as recognised by the BMAA to be supplied and fitted to aircraft.
Microlight Air Approval note = 2271
Here we have the foam core of one of our ultra light propellers, the core is cut within a CNC machine, ready to be assembled for a perfect fit within the mould tool. In the left hand picture you will see a portion of the layup showing, the reinforcement of the edges to maximise strength and durability within an ultra light package.
When  each additional gram reducing your potential flight time, it's imperative that weight is kept at a minimum. With our experience in optimising composite layups, we are able to take a designs from a client, work in tandem with them to optimise it to achieve specifications, then create a unique production process that delivers these results consistently and efficiently. 
Compression moulded propeller for 360HP engine
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